“A fantastic programme! The variety of teaching resources keeps students engaged, and the content provides them with a solid understanding of the double-entry concept. A prerequisite for all my accounting students going forward!." 

Ms L Keane, Villiers School, Limerick

“The TY Bootcamp resource is interactive, practical and engages students. It was easy to register students and they could all access their own online lectures. Students, regardless of ability, can work through the videos and activities at their own pace” 

Ms S Brady, Our Lady's Secondary School, Castleblayney

“I would highly recommend the Chartered Accountants Ireland bootcamp for any students that plan on doing accounting at senior cycle. The online nature means that students can complete it at a time that suits them which has been fantastic in the current Covid 19 scenario. The course itself is structured very well, it is easy to follow and concepts are introduced in a simple way with each topic building base understanding for the next topic”

Ms V Lennon, Naas CBS

“I really enjoyed taking part in Boot Camp. I am in Transition Year and did not do business for the Junior Cycle but I wanted to take up Accounting for the Leaving Cert. Boot Camp gave me a great taste for Accounting and I feel a lot more confident going into fifth year after completing it. I feel like after the short week-long course I have caught up to my classmates who did study Business in the Junior Cycle, and I now know what to expect next year!”​

Anna, ‘Solo’ Student


“I would highly recommend this course. I began Accounting in 5th year, but I did not complete Business for my Junior Certificate. I really struggled with the subject. I found this course and I thoroughly enjoyed Brian’s approach to teaching. The tutorials are extremely useful. Everything is very clear and easy to understand and I thoroughly enjoyed them. 6th Year is a very stressful year and it was very relieving to know that I could access the course at any time. I am extremely thankful for how much help this course has provided me with.”

Sara Enright, 6th Year Student

“This course is an easy and convenient way to cover the Accounting at your own pace. With concise notes on each topic and a comprehensive range of practice questions, I was able to gain confidence with the material using both the video tutorials and the notes. I would highly recommend this course to anyone studying Leaving Cert Accounting at Higher Level.”

Caroline Collins - 6th Year Student

Thank you so much. An amazing tool !! Really helped me improve !!

Matthew Hogan - 6th Year Student

"Before finding this course, I would have been terrified going into the exam. But now I know the layout of all of the topics and have a greater depth of understanding of what’s being asked. The notes have a really good step-by-step approach to each topic and also focused in on theory. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to get a good result in accounting ."

Emma Boland - 6th Year Student

“I would definitely recommend this course. I only realised how much I was struggling with accounting when I started using the online lessons. There is no way I could have gotten the grade I got without them. I achieved the result I wanted and it was mostly down to the help I got from this course.”

Maeliosa Kyna - 6th Year Student

Brian’s knowledge, experience and excellent course delivery provided a great learning experience. I highly recommend this course to students sitting the Leaving Cert Accounting exam.

Fiachra Henry - 6th Year Student

"This course was helpful as it motivated me to actually study and practice accounting on a regular basis. I am more confident now as I know that I have accumulated sufficient hours of accounting practice. The online school attracted me as it is accessible and easy to use. It is exam-focused and offers clear and concise ways of completing accounting questions in order to achieve maximum marks.”

Christing Feng - 6th Year Student